22 October 2011

Zombie aka Zombi 2 at the Beach Theater 10/21/11 Movie Review

God bless Fangoria Magazine.

It's where I get a lot of my news of the world. It's a little pricey at $9.99 an issue ($5.50) with a one year 10 issue subscription). They don't put those annoying subscription post cards in every other page that fall out and litter the bathroom floor while you're taking a dump. My subscription must have run out quite a few months ago because they stopped sending me my magazine. No friendly reminders by mail. No card stock extra cover to remind me that this is my second to last issue before my subscription expires. Nothing. I like that. It's like they're too cool to care if you get their magazine or not.

Thankfully, about two weeks ago, after going out to dinner I had the wife swing by the Barnes and Noble to pick up an issue. On the back was an ad for nationwide midnight showings of Lucio Fulci's 1979 Italian horror classic Zombie on 10/21 & 10/22. There is plenty of information about this movie on the internets if you're not familiar. I scan the short list of theaters, unhopeful as usual. Nothing hardly ever comes to Florida. Surprisingly there was a showing listed for The Beach Theater at St. Pete Beach, FL. (About 45 minutes from the house). I've always wanted to go to this place and now we had found the perfect opportunity.

I did not ask but TOLD the wife that we were going. I called the theater a week in advance to ask if they had sold many tickets yet. It is an independently owned, single screen theater. He said I was the first person to call. I called again a few days later and he said I was the second person to call. I call before we leave the house and there are plenty of tickets available. We get there and there are maybe 12 people waiting. We talk to the projectionist for awhile and he says one of those 12 people drove up from Fort Meyers (about 2 hours) just for the movie. He said they also do a live Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday to a crowd of about 150.

We have a half hour before the movie starts so naturally we look for a bar. There is a bar directly across the street from the theater but it is loud and throwing off a douche vibe. We walk down the street to a quieter place with an acoustic solo girl in the corner. This place has a better vibe and is aptly named Chill. Chill sells Victory Golden Monkey (9.5% abv) for $3.25 a bottle, which is damn near retail at some stores. the waitress tells us of a zombie hayride within an hour of St. Pete that actually gives you paint ball guns to shoot at the zombie characters as they chase the ride. The wife and I agree that this sounds totally awesome.

The movie itself is remasterd. It sounds great. The tribal drums on the island are maddeningly clear. The Goblin-Like score is crystal. It looks great. The underwater zombie still attacks a live shark, the eye still gets poked out, although some drunk guy disrupted the scene by cheering loudly. Nobody seemed impressed by this. He left soon after that. The shots at the begininng and end of New York City are incredible to see on a big screen.

The DVD, distributed by Blue Underground, will be available 10/25 at fine retailers and e-tailers everywhere. Loaded with hours of exclusive extras.

I'm out. I got a tip on a zombie hayride that I need to research on the internets.

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