27 March 2014

Throw a HypnoKat at it

Pets are fun. 

Like last night for instance. One of my cats, we'll call her cat A, was eating another of our cats, we'll call her cat B, food. I kept yelling at cat A to stop but she wasn't even bothering to acknowledge my existence. Cat B was laying right beside me watching cat A eat her food. Without thinking I picked up cat B and tossed her at cat A. Cat A bolted and cat B started eating from her designated bowl. That's the cool thing about cats and why I personally might prefer them to dogs. You can sometimes throw a cat at a problem and it will figure out how to solve it before it gets there. If you toss a dog at something all you have essentially done is created a slobbering fur bomb.

Please spay, neuter and adopt. 


Please don't get a pet if you are unwilling or unable to make them a part of your family and commit to the rest of their lives.

A short video I made of one of our adopted cats. I plan on redoing the sound for this because I just lazily ganked it off the internets.

P.S. HypnoKat is cat B.

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