03 May 2014

Eternal Light

Are Mash-ups still a thing? 

I think I just made one but I'm not sure.

I bought an lp copy of Giorgio's From Here to Eternity at the Goodwill for .99 awhile back:

Mostly just because of the awesome cover.

As it turns out it's a great Electronica / Disco album. 

The very first thing that came to mind was that I wanted to mix it with Invisible Light from the Scissor Sisters album Night Work. 

So I did.

It is a bit awkward at points but it is pretty much one raw track on top of another. I tried to bury most of the awkwardness.

The only break in continuity of either song is a skip in just the right place on the Giorgio track, at the point in Invisible Light where Sir Ian McKellan narrates. 

I think that skip really makes the whole thing conclude very nicely.


So, I don't know.

Mash up?

Glitch Disco?

Electro Glitch Dance up?

Give me a fucking break. I'm almost 44.

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