14 February 2015

Touch Me I'm Healthy

I went to a Habitat Restore recently and they had a shopping cart full of free VHS tapes. One had a type written label that said "The Touch Film" on it. Upon viewing I found that it was a short video from 1983 by a doctor who recommended that children aren't being touched enough. At first I thought that I had found the ironic score of a lifetime but as I watched I found the video quite interesting and although her appearance and the video clips are somewhat amusing a lot of what she preaches makes sense and her voice is rather soothing.

Around the same time I started experimenting with a looping pedal and was working on this retro sounding synth type thing. I edited the video down to a short clip leaving a few sound clips from the video to mix in with the loop. This video was recorded live with no tracking, mixing or mastering.

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