25 November 2013

Blackjack Self Entitled 1979 LP


Polydor PD-1-6215

This great flip-top LP with a nice 3D effect features Michael Bolton (or Bolotin at the time) on vocals and Bruce Kulick on guitar. 

Produced by the late, great Tom Dowd.

It's pretty much Michael Bolton meets cock rock.

Side One: 
1. Love Me Tonight
2. Heart of Stone
3. the Night Has Me Calling For You
4. Southern Ballad (If This Means Losing You)
5. Fallin'

Side Two:
1. Without Your Love
2. Countin' On You
3. I'm Aware of Your Love
4. For You
5. Heart of Mine

10 November 2013

Colonel Sanders' Tijuana Picnic

Colonel Sanders' Tijuana Picnic 

 Mark 56 Records 

I received this gem as a gift. Although a little chewed up in one corner it is otherwise sealed and mint. This Herb Alpert-esque oddity comes complete with the Colonels famous picnic menu as well as his own musings on each and every track.

Side One: 
1. A Taste of Honey
2. Lonely Bull
3. Chili Verde
4. Spanish Flea
5. Our Day Will Come

Side Two:
1. Tijuana Taxi
2. Green Peppers
3. El Garbanzo
4. El Toro
5. Third Man Theme

Produced by George Garabedian
A product of Mark 56 Records, Anaheim, California

"The garbanzo is a Mexican bean, or chick pea, and very good indeed. Also, it happens to be one of the beans that is used in my delicious mixed bean salad."

07 November 2013

Harvest Gold - On The Road

Harvest Gold 

On The Road 

 Trail Records TSRC 0932

Bought sealed in a Goodwill in Sarasota, FL for .99 + tax. No date anywhere on the record but looks and feels like very early 80's. There is a cover of the "Gambler" by Kenny Rogers so that likely puts it younger than 1978. Also contains a cover of "The South's Gonna Do It" by The Charlie Daniels Band. A good mix of old school Gospel and Dirty South Country Rock. Reeks of hard work, sweat, frustrated loved ones and a smelly, old tour bus. This album has little to no internet presence whatsoever. Near Mint all around.

Side One: 
1. On The Road
2. Come On In
3. Bed Of Roses
4. The Gambler
5. How Great Thou Art

Side Two:
1. It Don't Get Better Than This
2. The South's Gonna Do It
3. I May Never Get To Heaven
4. If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body
5. The Harvest Gold Band

Buddy James: Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Banjo, Piano and Manager
Jerry Gibb: Vocals, Bass Guitar
Patti Watson: Vocals, Tambourine
Rich Lenhart: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Mark Hawthorne: Steel Guitar, Vocals

Producer: Bobby All
Engineer: Rick Salyer
Graphics: Diana Turrin
Photography: Tom "Tuba" James, Ed Strouse
Art Work: Chuck Tipton
Recorded at: Tri-State Recording Co., Inc.

"Special thanks to our barefoot spouses and naked children whose sacrifices helped pay for this album!"