14 February 2015

Touch Me I'm Healthy

I went to a Habitat Restore recently and they had a shopping cart full of free VHS tapes. One had a type written label that said "The Touch Film" on it. Upon viewing I found that it was a short video from 1983 by a doctor who recommended that children aren't being touched enough. At first I thought that I had found the ironic score of a lifetime but as I watched I found the video quite interesting and although her appearance and the video clips are somewhat amusing a lot of what she preaches makes sense and her voice is rather soothing.

Around the same time I started experimenting with a looping pedal and was working on this retro sounding synth type thing. I edited the video down to a short clip leaving a few sound clips from the video to mix in with the loop. This video was recorded live with no tracking, mixing or mastering.

06 November 2014

ISIS. Terror group or all female mid-70's horn rock band?

You decide. 

03 May 2014

Eternal Light

Are Mash-ups still a thing? 

I think I just made one but I'm not sure.

I bought an lp copy of Giorgio's From Here to Eternity at the Goodwill for .99 awhile back:

Mostly just because of the awesome cover.

As it turns out it's a great Electronica / Disco album. 

The very first thing that came to mind was that I wanted to mix it with Invisible Light from the Scissor Sisters album Night Work. 

So I did.

It is a bit awkward at points but it is pretty much one raw track on top of another. I tried to bury most of the awkwardness.

The only break in continuity of either song is a skip in just the right place on the Giorgio track, at the point in Invisible Light where Sir Ian McKellan narrates. 

I think that skip really makes the whole thing conclude very nicely.


So, I don't know.

Mash up?

Glitch Disco?

Electro Glitch Dance up?

Give me a fucking break. I'm almost 44.

13 April 2014

Birth of Argus

This short project came about when I snapped a few random shots in and around a pendant lamp at a table in a Thai restaurant I was eating at before the recent Deltron 3030 show in St Petersburg, FL. 

As I was working on the short 2 minute animation and score a vague concept began to form. One of a creature brought into existence by chance and its only reason for being is to objectively observe the workings of the universe both great and small, good and bad. The name Argus was borrowed from Greek mythology. 

Maybe I'll get around to further forming this idea someday.

05 April 2014

Deltron 3030 - State Theater - 4/2/14

POE + CTZN opened the show and ran the merch table. They are working on launching their project Life After Debt if you are interested in funding it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Kid Koala then blew everyone's mind on 3 borrowed turntables:

He then continued to blow minds with Dan The Automator and Del the Funky Homosapien with Juan Alderete from Mars Volta on Bass and two other cool looking guys I can't remember their names. 

At one point Del looked me or my wife directly in the eyes and blew us a big raspberry. I have no idea why but I liked it. 

I have been to many shows but this was definitely one of the best. 

In the top ten.

There are few words for this show. I know you're not supposed to use the word epic anymore but... 

I can't imagine how awesome this would have been a few months back with the full orchestra.


On a side note I had some great Thai food beforehand and took some crazy pictures of the inside of a pendant lamp that are the inspiration for a new audio / visual experiment I'm working on.

29 March 2014


This is something I did a few years ago when I first started messing around with FLstudio. 

It was inspired by some 8mm home movies that my Mother had transferred to digital. 

Quite a bit of it was damaged from sitting in an attic for many years but you could still see random images floating through here and there. 

Quite disturbing looking to say the least. 

A lot of it was taken at various trips to large bodies of water so that is the basic theme of this project. 

Mostly about melancholy memories, dead loved ones and possibly what it would feel like to be swept out to sea.

28 March 2014

John Wesley Band 3/22/14

John Wesley Band supporting Anathema March 22, 2014 at the State Theater St. Petersburg, FL.

Playing heavily from the new album Disconnect due for release on April 1st, 2014

In addition to an extensive solo career John has toured and worked with many progressive rock acts including Fish, Marillion and Porcupine Tree. 

Supporting the band on bass was Sean Malone of Miami prog band Cynic. 

After the set, as Anathema was about to take the stage, I turned to see John Standing right beside me. He offered a handshake and I accepted. He thanked me for being there. Great guy, great new album. 

If you are in the area there is a free Disconnect CD release party with an in store performance and signing with John Wesley on lead guitar and vocals and Ian Medhurst on backing vocals and acoustic guitar on Tuesday April 1st at Daddy Cool Records in St. Petersburg, FL at 6 pm.